How to Lose Pregnancy Weight: 10 Days Post-Baby #3

So I lost 7 lbs upon arriving home from the hospital:(  Always a tough pill to swallow when you expect the lbs. to fly off after having the baby.  Given, a majority of the baby weight comes from the baby itself (7 to 8 pounds) and your increasing muscle tissue and fluid (4 to 7 pounds). Other sources of weight gain are from the placenta and amniotic fluid that protect the baby (3 to 4 pounds); increased size of breasts (approximately one pound); increased size of uterus (2 pounds); increased blood volume (3 pounds); and finally increased body fat (5 or more pounds). 

But all that "stuff" won't officially be gone until 6 weeks post-baby.  So my 29 pound weight gain will eventually come off.  But the muscles have to be used to get back to where they were - which won't start until week 6 for me (other than some Inner Core Movements found here).  And here is a video of me in my GOAL white swimsuit!

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  1. Hi Lindsay,

    Congratulations again! It sounds like you all are getting adjusted well. I wish you luck in your journey back!

    I'm almost 12 weeks past with my second son, and I've been doing your 60 day slimdown. I've never really been in good shape before, but I was pretty motivated to do something after the 40 lbs I gained with him (I gained 28 with my first son and I left the hospital in my pre pregnancy jeans, so things were much easier). My question is should I be focusing on pulling my abs in 24/7/365, or just when I'm working out, or just when I'm working my abs? I've been trying to think about pulling them in all day, and my lower back is hurting, so I'm thinking I'm overdoing it...


  2. You look great! The weight will be off in NO time. I had my first baby almost 11 months ago. Gained 29#. Thanks to Lindsay's help, I am in better shape than ever. 3 of her post-natal boot camp workouts (with 3 intervals and 2 ab sections each time) a week and I'm 6# under where I was when I got preggo and have a flat tummy again- not too easy at age 35. Lots of cardio and yoga too, but Lindsay's workouts were the main way I whipped my bun cakes back into shape- thanks!

  3. You're looking great! Thanks so much for explaining what exactly goes on when they cut the c-section. When I had my c-section, lots of friends told me they'd cut through muscle - call me crazy, but until you just explained that this is not what happens in a c-section, I had no idea! So thanks for explaining that. After the section, I was too tired to even think of checking up on info like that it's good to know what actually happened to my body. Hope you're feeling well and having a blast with Harper!!! :)

  4. Lindsay, you look incredible as usual!!! I'm eager for you to start your journey again so I can follow along. I would like to get my body back with you again this time..

    While you were pregnant, I was not, but I got my pregnant body back by being lazy, over indulging etc. So once again you're my motivation to get back in shape with you.

    Congrats again on Harper. I love her name and she is absolutely ADORABLE! I still want to steal your son (said in the most non threatening way).. he is so precious!!!

  5. Elizabeth, I am so glad you are doing the 60 Day! And I am jealous you walked out of the hospital in your pre-preg jeans with your first baby. I am still in maternity 4 weeks out! But each pregnancy is different.

    So to answer your question, yes I do want you to concentrate on pulling your inner core in all the time. But with the back pain, you could be overdoing it a bit. You are still recovering 12 weeks out! If you activate your core with yoru back against a wall does it hurt?

  6. Nicole, I love it!

    And Marci thanks for your post. So many of us don't know how the c-section thing works! I am glad I could help.

    Vanessa, I added to your comment in another post. You're always so funny. I am sure you look great, just being hard on yourself!

  7. Things are getting better. Last week, I think I past some milestone in my strength or something because the back pain is gone. And no, my back against a wall whilst activating my core doesn't hurt either. Me injuring my foot jogging because silly me was wearing old shoes is another story. ;) I'll get back in the game next week--I only have 4 more days of the 60!

  8. I love the fact that you're so raw! You have no issue showing us your worst moments which helps to make moms like me (still struggling to get my 3.5 yr olds weight off) feel like you completely understand and I can one day be me again!
    Thanks for all that you do!

  9. emadethis, so glad to hear it! and we are all guilty of wearing old shoes. but of course our kids always have new ones!

  10. La Familia, I wish post-pregnancy days were glamorous! But they are not...thanks for letting me know you like my posts. It is pretty darn raw!