Almost 37 weeks prego with #3!

I guess the water weights weren't exciting enough today!  Usually that paired with working out in the playroom at least gives me 20 minutes to workout!  But luckily my mom is in town (she thought it was humorous to take these pictures) helping me out for a few days.  Taylor has been asking to go to Grammy and Gramps' pool ever since we left their house Memorial Weekend.  So I thought it would be nice to get some help and have my mom take Taylor to her house - 3 hours away - for some 1-on-1 time before Miss Harper arrives.

So I have a few days of help while mom is here and then a few days with just Rylan.  And he goes to daycare one of those days...I am thinking I may even go treat myself to a pedicure instead of working that day!  Hmmmm...pedicures put anyone into labor?

Saw the doc today and I am a fingertip dilated.  Music to my ears at almost 37 weeks.  And I hate saying I am ready to be un-pregnant but a) I am uncomfortable and b) I want to meet Harper!  After 4 IVFs, 1 miscarriage and a vanishing twin its awful to say.  I remember seeing a 2 year old say "hold you" to his mom after our 1st IVF didn't work, at it seems like it was yesterday.  So it's awful to say I am ready to have this baby since she was a miracle God blessed us with without the hardship of IVF this time.  But I will say it anyway....come on Miss Harper!

No 4 lb gain this past week.  And I am now craving watermelon and cantaloupe over cheesecake and carmel creams.  3 days of fruit in place of my sugar snacks changed my cravings!  27 lb weight gain at 37 weeks, doing good. 

Had the boob feeding discussion with the hubby.  My goal for this pregnancy is 4-6 weeks of boob feeding.  And yes I totally give props to moms who do it for a longer period, I just don't have it in me.  Wish I did.  Wish I enjoyed it.  Selfish, sure.  But its a personal decision I've researched and the hubby and I agree the first 2 weeks are the most important so I can do 4-6 weeks right?! 



  1. Way to go Lindsay!You are doing great! I love the name Haper great choice!

    PS the first 6 weeks of nursing are the Hardest! They finally catch on, you are not as sore and all is smooth sailing after that! One thing that has worked for me is nursing 100% for the first 3 months and then after that just a few times a day and before bed or wake up time. That way I still get the bonding, she takes bottles, extra calorie burn, I don't have to nurse all day long and I get that nursing cuddle time in the morning or at night when it is the best!

  2. I know what you mean with breastfeeding. I lasted 3 weeks with my first after a bout with mastitis and then lasted 2 years with no#2 which was only fed from one side due to a piercing that destroyed my nipple while trying to breastfeed no#1 and now with no#3 who is 1 months old I only lasted 3 weeks again after a really bad case of mastitis and antibiotic for the past month. I was sad to stop but was in so much pain and could not take care of all my children the way I needed too. We are going to try for no#4 next year and still undecided what to do about breastfeeding the next time around :( I enjoy reading your updates and look forward to trying your DVD'S after my 6 week check up :) I'm also ordering a few more 2morrow. I hope all is going well with you and hope you have a few easy weeks before your next one :)

  3. I know how you feel about the BFing... I made it a year with my first out of sheer determination to overcome my constant giving up attitude... I think that was the best decision I made since I have found new motivation to do things that I never thought I'd do... like running for example. I know I can now make myself do whatever I put my mind to! With baby 2 we made it 10 months and that was just fine with me! It is each mother's decision and as long as you put bonding time in with your baby they won't be adversely affected like some people think! Formula isn't bad, and yes breast milk is better for your baby... but the BEST thing for your baby is a sane mommy who cuddles and gives loves more than anything!! I am all about making it a personal choice, that being said, it helps me make it past 6 months when I remind myself that my babies have been 10 minute nursers and they have avoided all the colds and flus that go through the house while they are breastfeeding.

  4. you are looking awesome! can't believe this baby is almost here! seems like yesterday you first sent that email telling me you were miraculously pregnant!!!

    breastfeeding stuff is hard. totally a personal thing. mom's can't do everything, and you certainly do just about that!!!

    hope you are feeling well! let us know when little harper comes! love her name!

  5. Totally agree with you on the "boob feeding" thing. I have 3 children and never really enjoyed nursing. Did it 2 months tops for all. And they are perfectly healthy! :)

  6. Hi Lindsay, okay, I have a question: Just had c-section on Thursday (the 9th) and I notice 'saggy' skin basically right above the incision. It's pretty gross and 'jiggly'. My stomach is still out I guess from the uterus but the saggy skin is a little scary. This is my second baby, first was vag and I don't remember that. Is that where the fascia was cut? Will that return back to normal? I do your workouts regularly and gained about 33 lbs with this pregnancy so I am confident to get my stomach back as I had huge results after my first baby last year but the saggy skin part scares me. I think it looks saggier so to speak than your posted pics but hard to really tell with a picture. Also, good luck on your upcoming c-section. I elected for this one as my first birth was extremely traumatic and the baby was stuck for hours but the c-section was a much much better experience for me. Take care.

  7. Yes, you can do the first 6 weeks. I encourage you to call your local Le Leche League volunteer (they are listed on their website:

    These gals are wonderful and can help you with any issues that may arise. Most of the time, they can trouble shoot over the phone.

    I had to call them a few times and they got me on the path to breastfeeding success.

  8. Thanks gals, will keep you posted on the boob feeding. My goals seem to go down with each baby!

    Melissa, congrats! And no huge worries being only a week out. I did have a frump that hung over my scar each time for the first 2bl weeks. It takes 6 weeks for your uterus and the muscles to be "normal" again. More than likely the saggy skin is fatty tissue damage directly under the skin. It will go away! Everything just has to get back in was major surgery! The fascia is located directly over your muscles and under the fat (which we all have fat there since we are made to bear children).

  9. Okay, that makes me feel better. Thanks Lindsay! Also, congrats on Harper!! That's wonderful news, glad she is healthy. Ack, my little guy (12 days old is hungry again so have to run). How do you do it with more than one? I have a 21 month old and now 12 day old and am struggling - keeping the 21 month old in daycare for now as I don't think it will be much fun for him all day to watch his brother feed for most of the time when he wants to play...

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