How to Lose Pregnancy Weight: 3 Weeks Post-Baby #3

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I can't believe Harper is 3 weeks old!  I also can't believe I heard the Beckhams just named their baby girl Harper...we were trying for a "different" name, ah well.
Feeling good.  #3 is far that is.  And I am impressed with how quickly my stomach has gone down.  Even quicker than the last 2 pregnancies - in which I gained 19 and 24 lbs.  This one was 29 lbs.  But I was able to exercise thorughout my entire pregnancy, no bed rest at all this time!  With the vanishing twin, bleeding and separation tears during my other pregnancies there were weeks at a time I was unable to exercise.
I promised myself I would only work 2 days a week this summer.  The kids (except Harper) do daycare 2 days a week and I swore I would only work while they were at daycare so I could really concentrate on having a newborn and enjoying the summer with my family.  But after 3 weeks of materity leave, publisher requests and working with a company to design custom software that takes each of you through your own timeline of pregnancy/weight loss/postpartum nutrition - I have a feeling its not going to happen.  But I am going to do my best to stick with my plan so Harper isn't 8 weeks old and I wonder why I didn't spend more time with her:(
I promise, promise, promise I will answer everyone's questions and comments through this blog and Facebook.  I appreciate all the well wishes and I love hearing from you all!  Just been playing catch up after my 3 weeks off!



  1. you poor thing... not being able to take the time off that you want. but so exciting to be so busy, at the same time! hope you are recovering well and feeling great!!! good to hear from you!

  2. Hi Lindsay, congratulations again! You look awesome, you can even see your stomach muscles. I'm 5 weeks out and am really looking forward to doing your workouts again - also had a c-section. So, I have another question about the 'frump/mommy apron' after the c-section. I seriously cannot see one on you now or in any of your previous pics from Taylor and Rylan. Mine is right over my scar and is about an inch or more out from my scar. It truly looks like it will never go away without surgery. Do you think it will? If the Fascia was cut, will it 'reattach' to the flabby skin? I know you pointed yours out but I couldn't see it. Mine is very noticable (and I did gain just the 33 lb during the pregnancy). Thanks Lindsay, and you sound like you have it all together. I'm still trying to juggle 23 month old and 5 week old :)

  3. I have a question about pregnancy weight gain. I know you talk a little about it in your videos. So, I had a baby about 15 months ago, and never lost the weight, which I am not happy about at all, but now I am pregnant with baby #2. So I was wondering if during this pregnancy I can only gain around 11-15 lbs total? And if this is ok, how should I eat since I get super sick during pregnancy and need to eat all the time? And also, can I exercise while pregnancy? And if so, what exercises can I do?
    Thank you so much for what you do. I love learning from you.
    I really hope you have time to read this and respond. That would mean a lot.

  4. Anonymous, you caught me on a good day! I so don't have it all together. I was really blessed with an easy baby this time and a ton of help.

    I have the same lump you have, but silly me took my pictures with a white suit and white background so its hard to see. I call it my double bump:)

    It will always be there, but I promise it will minimize in size. The fatty tissue damage will heal as well as the fascia. But there will always be scar tissue. In my last 2 c-sections I always noticed a huge difference around 3-4 months. If I took my fingers I could "roll" the scar tissue between them. I hope this helps!

  5. Lindsey, you have some great questions! And I think you should ask your doctor about the weight gain issue - he/she knows your health history as well as what weight you began the pregnancy. I'd say if you began this pregnancy a little overweight you may be ok with gaining less, but again your doctor knows your history better than I do. Maybe you can take a copy of the IOM weight guidelines in with you (they are on the link I pasted below).

    And I feel ya on the sick thing. Eat whatever your body is craving BUT make sure you pair it with something nutritous. Like potato chips with a grilled cheese - this got me through 1st tri (and not a whole bag of potato chips). Do you feel like anything specific? or nothing at all? In the 1st tri you really don't need to add calories, moreseo in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

    And you should be able to exercise during your pregnancy, as long as you have your doc's permission. There is some stuff you need to know first, i.e. if you have never exercised before. Check out this link and it will give you all the good stuff!

  6. I have secific ?'s for you could you email me at tstolze at ma dot rr dot com

  7. I just wanted to say again how much I'm loving this series! (I mentioned in another comment that I had baby #5 around the same day you had Harper, so it's especially relevant to me!) I also do some work from home and am having similar struggles to yours. :)

    Anyway, funny story: I did the MIF Boot Camp DVD yesterday around my kids for the first time, and they were really into it! They wanted to do it with me! Not only did I get my workout in, but then they were exhausted and all took great naps. It was *hilarious* to see all of us doing it together.

    Anyway, thanks for all the great work!

  8. You look incredible! I know I always say that - haha. I totally see that your tummy went down much faster this time around. I can't believe you look that awesome only 3 weeks out.

    I wanted to tell you that my husband bribed me, said if I did a weight lifting pgm with him he'd workout with me. So Figuring it was good motivation I agreed. Unfortunately, I don't think my eating was in check and I gained 4lbs but I'm more flabby than normal. I had a couple revelations and spotted that I'm not doing any cardio or intervals.. so today I popped in my good ole shed 5 fast and I'm kicking myself for ever stopping. Although I think I'm stronger muscle wise I'm so much weaker cardio/endurance wise... To think I ever got through that workout with "ease" is beyond me!!! Anyway, that's been added back in 3 times per week!!!

    So thanks again! you're awesome and in all honestly, the only time I've ever seen results with my diet/exercise has been working out with you! So I've given myself another 3 month challenge and maybe by the end of it I'll email in my before/afters :)

  9. maddysmomma, I'd love to hear your ?s
    I am so behind in emails, but I promise I will get back to you. Email Jess at and she will make sure I get your email and answer yoru questions!

  10. Jennifer, #5, wow! You are my idol! There are several of us that had June make sure you keep me posted on your progress! And I am so taking note about the kids working out and taking great naps:)

  11. Vanessa, I am checking in on you! I know you can do consistent. And email me a food journal if you need to!