How to Lose Pregnancy Weight: 4 Weeks Post-Baby #3

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  1. Little miss Harper is sooooo stinking cute! AHHH! With the baby fever. I'm hormonal right now (almost TOM) and seeing how itty bitty she was brought a tear to my eye! I miss having a tiny one :(

    You look fantastic, and thanks for the info on the FUPA. Wish me luck on my next 3 months challenge...

    Hang in there, you're doing great and whatever decision you make regarding nursing is the BEST one for you! So that's all that matters. I nursed both kids 12 months, but it worked for me. There is no right or wrong - only right or wrong for your family :)

    Thanks for everything you do! You really are awesome and I can't even imagine you yelling... haha I thin it would come out so sweet no matter how mad you were.

  2. I liked your honesty - you were straight up about the fact that you know breastfeeding is best for baby, but that's not what you're doing for a host of reasons. It was a great way to explain things without deminishing the importance of breastfeeding :). [And hey, it's great that you breast fed each of your kids a bit! Every little bit helps, I think]. Miss Haper is just the cutest little thing ever! Hope you'll be able to just relax and get more rest...I can't IMAGINE how busy you must be with three little ones on your own :). That's gotta be multitasking at it's max :)

  3. Lindsay, thanks for being upfront about the fact that not every day can be a Whole Foods Co-op kind of day. Some days are just ... Hamburger Helper. :-)

    I am due in six weeks and your blog is keeping me hopeful and motivated!

  4. Thanks for all the re-assurance! We do what we can, right!

    Maurey...good luck with the last 6 weeks. Hopefully it's not too hot where you are!

  5. thanks for this video, I'm going to have to share this with my wife!