My 7 Rules to get your body back!

A woman’s body’ is made to bear a child. In order to do that, you will have to gain some weight. For most women that weight will ideally be somewhere between  fifteen and thirty-five pounds for a singleton baby. You’ll put that amount of weight on in nine months time. No matter how you look at it, that’s a significant amount of weight to gain in that timeframe. Losing that amount of weight would be hard for anyone to lose. The good news, is that the pregnancy weight you will have to lose will go when the baby is born and 6 weeks post-baby. The rest is up to you and how you take care of yourself.  6 weeks postpartum you're left with loose skin, loose muscles and probably a few more lbs. than going into the pregnancy. 

So let's make it easy and begin with my 7 Rules:
1) No Guilt - Taking care of yourself will make you a better mom!
2) Do not gain more than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy.
3) No Excuses - Complaining only wastes time, so get to work!
4) No looking back - If you are still carrying pregnancy weight from your 3 year old, don't worry just work!
5) If you want your muscles to bounce back you have to use them.
6) Lose the pregnancy weight between babies.
7) Know that not exercising for 9 months sets you on a long journey to getting your body back.


  1. I posted a comment to the post below so I figure I'll post my question here.. I love your rules and I need to abide by them :)

    In your 10 days post Harper back shot... that's what my back looks like. In your pic, is this baby related?

    because I have always had my problem area be the lower tummy, full spare tire, love handles, bra fat etc. I'm wondering if there is something specific I should be doing to help trim fat from that area? I know you can't spot reduce, but how do you lean out there? I've stopped eating sugar and check all labels to ensure there's no more than 5gs per meal.

  2. The rules are great! Couldn't agree more with #6, I think that makes a huge difference!!!

  3. Vanessa, hey! I am sure your back looks just fine! We are our own worst critics! But, yes, carrying around the 16-18 extra lbs form the pregnancy makes my backside look a lil' different. You are right about spot reduction. But TONING, TONING and more TONING is what whips the back into shape! Have you tried the workout download #9...its 10 minute toners and really hits the back/upper body area. Never hurts to add something new into the workout regimen.

    I will post a 40% off coupon code for you!

  4. 60daynewsletter is the coupon code for 40% off downloads!

  5. Anonymous, I have worked with 3 OB's and they all say #6 is the most important!!!

  6. Hi Lindsay! I am super glad to have found your blog. I was very athletic and toned pre-pregnancy and am expecting baby No. 1 within weeks. It's inspiring to know you CAN get it all back, as I intend to! You are amazing! :-)

  7. I am always so amazed by your abs, back, obliques etc. I hope my original post wasn't insulting, or implying that you look bad. I was trying to determine if that is a problem area for you in general of if it's pregnancy related.

    You are 3 weeks post baby #3 however I am almost 1.5 years post baby 2 and your back shot looks like mine... even without kids. That whole area is MY big problem area and always has been.

  8. Maurey, it sounds like the countdown is on! Congrats.

  9. Vanessa, no worries, I didn't take it as an insult! These back fat pictures are my motivation!

    It tends to be a problem area after pregnancy for me. But usually my problem areas are my inner thighs and butt (don't get me wrong...these are still problem areas during pregnancy...I just don't notice as much since all I see is my back fat!)

  10. LOL! Well, it's nice to know that you have to actually "work" to get rid of it! Just gives me hope.

    I can get nice and tone everywhere but not my back/love handles area for some reason. I am noticing that I have a VERY lazy core... I slouch, often let it all hang out - so I guess I just need to be aware of it :)