Almost 8 weeks Post-Baby #3


  1. Congrats... It's all I can do to get myself motivated to get myself to the Y after dropping my son off at preschool, with my 3 1/2 month old in tow... What does it mean when I've cut my calories back (to normal) and I gain 5 pounds in a week (while still nursing?) I'm really frustrated.

  2. I wouldn't worry about it unless your scale still says 5 extra pounds again next week. Your body could just be holding more fluids after cutting calories. But make sure you didn;t drop too much, or your body will hold onto extra fat too!

  3. keep up the great work! Do you have a recommendation for a Hot Yoga video? I live in the middle of nowhere with no gym in site. I have all of your other DVD's but the Hot Yoga sounds like it could really spice it up :) Thanks for your updates! It keeps me motivated :)

  4. Thank you so much! So glad you do this! You are awesome!

  5. I've been following your exercise routine of Days 1,3,5 toning, and days 2,4,6 cardio. I love hot yoga but wasn't sure if this was sufficient in place of free weights / interval training. If I only do hot yoga on strength days and cardio on the other days, will I still see good results?

  6. Leigh Anne - I don't know if they make hot yoga videos :( The premise behind it is you are doing yoga in a really, really hot room. (I'm not sure of the exact temperature) So those conditions would be hard to replicate at your house!

  7. Thanks Anonymous! I am clueless when it comes to yoga so that helps :) Yeah...prob don't wanna heat up the whole house for yoga...haha! Will just try some regular yoga followed by some cardio maybe :)

  8. Hi Lindsay, I have another question: Before I had my second baby (now 10 weeks old), I was following your workout downloads. Now I started the workouts again (Shed 5 Fast, PNBC and some BC2) but I'm not sure how to incorporate the downloads in there. Should I wait until I lose all the weight (another 9 lbs or so) or should I put them in somewhere and not follow each monthly calendar exactly after? For example, do a toning workout (either from download series or PNBC/S5F/CMJ and then cardio (download series or other) alternating days? Just wondering, as if I wait to do the downloads, I'll be really behind starting from month one again...

  9. Hey Lindsay!

    So you've been working out 2 weeks so far :) I am mid week 11 of solid working out... I really hope that I'm able to see my body transformation along with yours. I remember with Rylan you were a few weeks ahead of me and I never caught up to you... so this time, I mean business!!!

    I will take photos next week, and try to keep up with them, but I don't have official starting pix.

    Anyway - I wanted to know if you're doing your videos and if so what else are you adding to your day?

    I am doing either S5F or CMJ 3 times per week. Then the same days I do free weights. I have a split of upper body twice a week and lower once, then the following week it's lower twice a week and upper once.

    For my cardio, I'm only doing that twice a week (because I feel I get a good cardio from your S5F or CMJ), so my cardio has been between 2-4 intervals from your 2 bootcamp DVDs. In all honesty, it's usually only 2 due to time, but on occasion I can get 4 in there.

    I'm just back to watching my cals... and trying to eat between 1300 & 1500 depending on how I'm feeling physically. I know I'm getting stronger and more fit as people can see it, but I still have major FLUB! My butt seems a little more cellulite-y than normal... is this normal?

    Ok - well long winded! But here's to keeping up with you :)

  10. Yep, hot yoga is in a 104 degree room. I think the kids might get a lil cranky if you did it at home!

    But I will be doing a yoga workout next month available for download...stay tuned. If you want a Core yoga workout there is one available on my core fitness for moms dvd (you can donwload it for $9.99)

    Leigh Anne, you are so right! You do need to follow yoga with some cardio since yoga doesn't burn many calories.

    Although Hot Yoga burns more than the usual yoga. And Patrisha...I think its a good asset to your routine. Replace it on cardio or toning day 1x every week or every other week.

  11. Melissa, good question!!! I am actually in the middle of designing a workout portal that tells you when and what to do...depending if you just had a baby, have never worked out before etc.

    So I am so glad you asked. Until about week 14-16 post baby you should do PNBC and BC2. Then integrate the downloads after that. And start with whatever download was your favorite.

    Do the create-a-workout on the boot camp dvds:
    M warmup, core, 2-3 toning intervals, cooldown
    T warmup, 2-3 cardios, cooldown
    W same as monday but add a 2nd core right before the cooldown
    R same as tuesday
    F same as monday

  12. Vanessa, I love that you mean business! Have we upped your weights yet? Otherwise you are doing everything perfectly.

    Take the pictures and I am sure you will see the difference. The flub will go...but it goes with consiistency. So stick to it for another few months...then we will need to switch it up!

    Have you joined the Operation: Get my BOdy Back group on facebook? I started it so everyone can motivate each other!

  13. I have not joined Op get my body back, but heading there next - assuming I don't have a brain fart and forget.

    I do up my weights when I can do my reps with little struggles.. however, the intensity in your DVDs have kept me from upping my weights - lol. When I free weights, I do up them. But your DVDs have me yelling at the TV as I fight with 5 stupid lbs. haha.

    This weekend I'm expecting my monthly visitor, so I know my pix will not be accurate, I'm a bloater :( but will take them on Monday!

    How many cals do you strive for when you're not nursing? And how many mins/hours per day are you working out? I'm a bit shorter than you @ 4'8" ;)

  14. Vanessa, I am hoping to de-bloat after my cycle comes...patiently waiting!!!

    Right after baby and breastfeeding I shoot for 1400-1800 calories. But soon I will knock it down to 1300 or 1400. I don't watch it too closely since I know how my body works with the meals we eat - we tend to have the same ole dinners on rotation here! Workouts are 30-60 minutes 3-5x/week. I really shoot for 5!

    And I go to 1200 right before filming videos:)