Nothing fits, so I bought some "interim" jeans

So they were only $12 at Gap - and neatly placed by the checkout by Baby Gap.  I didn't try them on cause all 3 kids were with me and who wants to try stuff on 10 weeks post-baby??

I fit in my size 4 jeans at 18 weeks prego with #3  (with a bella band of course!) and to my disappointment tried those same jeans on last week and couldn't squeeze into them.  So I bought some others that looked little bigger than my others.  Don't get me wrong I am totally happy with a size 4 - I just hope they fit!  I can't wait to be able to wear more than the 5-6 things that fit right now.

I swore I wouldn't by "interim" jeans, but hey I need something to wear!  Now to try them on...


  1. I never try things on anymore! I spend more time buying and returning! It's crazy! But I totally get not wanting to do it with all 3 with! WAY too much trouble! Hope they fit!!

  2. I just have to tell you, that I did 3 rounds of IVF resulting in my 2 girls. I have 2 embryos frozen and will do those later this year. I actually found your blog searching for something on IVF and am SO happy I did! You are SO real and such an encouragement. Right now, 7mo post baby #2 I weigh less than I have since before #1. I am 9 lb away from the weight I was when I got married and I'm not stopping there! You are proof that you CAN have a better body after kids than you ever did before! THANK YOU! You are a HUGE encouragement to me!

  3. I had my third baby just over a month ago. I swore that I wouldn't buy interim jeans either, but I broke down last week and got a couple of pairs because they were cheap. It felt so good to have normal pants on again. It did wonders for my mood and self esteem to be able to wear something that wasn't maternity. ~Ashley

  4. I'm at a healthy weight, but, because I'm taller than you, my statistics are very different from yours and it's hard to avoid comparing my numbers to yours. Is there a way you can write things in a more general way, such as "I'm not yet able to fit in the jeans I would wear at 18 weeks with #3" and not include the fact that the size was a 4?
    I appreciate what you do. I would like to keep reading your blog because it can be educational and encouraging.

  5. ugh,i have this short denim skirt i bought from old navy thats size four (i made a mistake in the sizing about a year ago) and there it still sits. when i started losing some weight i decided to try it on, big mistake it closed but with my stomach hanging around the whole waist band, i felt horrible... so there it sits until the things i wear now fall off :(

  6. Just my thoughts (in response to one of the annonymous posters)- I actually feel like Lindsay should be comfortable enough on her own blog to write what her size its. It's a blog...and it's hers! It was nice of her to let us take sneak peaks at her journey - I get constant encouragment from this :) - but I feel like it's unfair for someone to ask her not to mention her size. For example - for some people size matters less and weight matters more. Should Lindsay then not write her weight and measurements on this site?!? I think it's just too far, IMO. My sense is that she uses this personal blog to be accountable and recorder her own personal journey, too....and writing her weight, measurements, size whatever are all parts of that. Particularly since nowhere on her blog does she ever tell women they need to be such and such a size or weight. There are people who are weight/size/measurement sensative out there....but I can't see how this is anything Lindsay has done. Most of the sensitivities in these areas are caused by the media, and since Lindsay is putting out nothing but positivity, I don't think she should have to cater to things that should be laid at the media's doorstep.

    Just my 2 cents, however :)

  7. Marci said what I was thinking, but I could never have worded it so well!!

    When Lindsay is heavier than her goal weight she is still lighter than my goal weight. My skinny jeans would be her fat jeans. I'm taller than her & framed differently than her because God, in all His wisdom & creativity, made each one of us unique. I wasn't designed to be Lindsay & neither was anybody else. I'm Tonya & I need to be the best Tonya I can be. Thank the Lord that Lindsay is motivating me to do that with my physical body.

    Lindsay, if you weren't so open & honest I wouldn't be so motivated & encouraged!

  8. I bought interim jeans after having my first baby and I have them in a bag in the closet so after having my second (currently 16 weeks) I'll be able to wear normal pants sooner even if not in the size I would prefer. My husband appreciated it too since he hates maternity clothes.

  9. I agree with Marci and Tonya but I understand where Anonymous is coming from - keep in mind though that Lindsay is a fitness geru so I keep in the back of my mind that I'm prob never going to look like her but her blog and workouts/eating advice keeps me in line for my own goal weight (135 lb at 5'5", size 6 or 8 maybe even 10 depending on the make of the clothes) so this is not anywhere near Lindsays 105 lb at 5'1" but it is where I am comfortable. I always eat after 7 p.m. too and sometimes it's chips and chocolate - but again, it's our own personal goals and I'm happy being a lil heavier but able to eat some extra snacks :) No 6 pack here but my stomach is still looking okay with the workouts. So I think of it that way, just use her advice and workouts to get to your own personal goal!

  10. Lindsay,
    Please keep your numbers. That's why I follow this blog - you're real and give specifics (like what you actually eat, actually wear and weigh, and actually do for exercise). I know my body and so I'll adjust to the numbers to fit me accordingly. I find it motivating.

  11. I didn't mean to cause problems, and I'm glad other people don't share my issues. I just wanted to add my input because this blog is more than just a diary - other people read it and I just wanted to give a voice to a real reaction. Obviously everyone is different. I thought avoiding specific measurements and what not would recognize that.
    I'll stick to the videos, which have helped me greatly.

    Again, I didn't mean to create a negative thread. I think you're doing great work, Lindsay.

  12. If Lindsay stops putting details like measurements, weight, size on this blog, it will seem a lot less real to me. When I first started reading her blog, I remember seeing measurements she's posted and the weight she lost that week. And it made me realize that it's true: if you work hard, you can regain your body. Some weeks she was only losing 0.2 pounds, some weeks the scale was the same. But she kept pushing.

    How many women have a baby and stop short of losing their pregnancy weight saying 'well, it's only 5 pounds'? Then 3 or 4 babies later, they're up 20+ and don't know how it happened? My mom was one of these. Lots of people give up on those last pounds because they're so close and those last pounds can be stubborn. But Linday kept pushing, and now she looks amazing. This is what gives me hope. Even when the scale and the measurements aren't cooperating with all the exercise and eating right she's doing, she sticks it out.

    I needed to see this because this is not what my mom did. And my mom now has three grown children and is *still* overweight. She flat out doesn't want to do the work. She's entitled to her decision, but I want to make a good decision for myself and set a better example for my daughter.

    If Lindsay just had pics here and no measurements or weight/size, I would've never seen how hard she works to get her body back. And I would've believed what I'd been taught growing up about weight after baby.

    I know that's just me, but that's one example of how these details are crucial for some of us.

  13. P.S. Might I add that my mom still complains about her weight? But she's stopped blaming it on us, her kids, because now that I'm losing the baby weight, well....her excuse doesn't wash with me! She finally admitted she should exercise more. (Now if we could encourage her to eat healthy, that would be awesome)

  14. Thank you ALL for posting your thoughts and comments! It always means so much to me. And Tonya hit it on the nose - be the best you can be.

    I may not always word things right...I am usually vlogging in between feedings, picking up the kids and work. So thanks for clarifying girls!

    And Marci I loved what you shared about your mom. Thansk for sharing.