15 weeks Post-Baby #3

So we are getting closer!  About 9 pounds form my post-pregnancy weight.  The scale isn't giving me much, but my clothes are getting less tight!  And I can now fit into about half of my wardrobe.

Oh motherhood - after 3 breastfed babies my boobs - what is left of them - are sagging!  And I only breastfed 4-12 weeks with each baby - yes Taylor got the most breastmilk!

And why is it that I cannot sleep 8 hours straight?  Harper has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks.  And minus the weeks the kids are sick and/or waking up at 6am just because they want to, I CANNOT sleep 8 hours!  It's either insomnia or I wake up and worry - walk around checking on everybody - go back to bed and I am wide awake!

I caught myself the other day giving myself an excuse as to why I should cut my workout short.  What?  Why am I giving myself excuses?  I had plenty of time to workout - the hubby was home and I took my time running (he takes his time working the in the yard so it was my turn!)  And about halfway through I was talking myself out of the last mile I had scheduled.  Telling myself "I am only 15 weeks out" and "take it easy". Well I was in no pain and could have easily finished the 2.5 miles I had scheduled + the dumb bells in my driveway to finish up some toning....
....ends up I did cut my run short.  But I did do my toning in the driveway.

Here's to NO EXCUSES this week!


  1. Looking good! And did you know that it is actually the hormone changes from pregnancy and not from breastfeeding that cause the saggy boobs? That sure was a relief for me to discover!

  2. I worry too, especially at night lately. My little guy is about 2 weeks older than Harper. But at least Harper is sleeping through the night, I'm woken at least 2-3 times which = exhausted mommy. Worked out for the full M-F last week but took Sat,Sun and Mon (today) off - it's Thanksgiving weekend here (Canada) so today was a holiday and of course, I had 2 plates of dinner plus 2 helpings of dessert. Back at it tomorrow. But I only have about 3&1/2 lbs to lose before I am at pre-prego weight (maybe 4&1/2 now since I ate so much today lol), clothes all fit. I'm hoping to lose another 8 or so just because though. And of course, tummy still needs lots of toning. But I felt I needed the 3 days off this week as I've been going full tilt pretty much since 6 wks pp working out 4-5 times/week incl the HIIT downloads. But back at it tomorrow :)

  3. You look great for having 3 kids Lindsay! I just had baby #2 about a month ago and I'm only 4 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight but my tummy skin is soooo loose that I want to cry! :o(
    I'm considering the Thermage therapy, have anyone try this??? Does it work?
    Well I'll have to focus more on working my legs and arms....

  4. You look amaaaazing! Don't be too hard on yourself! :-) (not getting enough sleep is definitely de-motivating, too!)

  5. If you can't sleep, it just means it's time to fit in a quick workout, right? ;) No, really, this happens! I swear it is just a little freak out of your body from all the times you couldn't sleep (pregnant, new baby couldn't sleep). It is frustrating, but I think your body will right itself. As long as you take care of it, it will take care of you.

  6. Hi Lindsey....it has been great following your blog. I will be 27 weeks tomorrow with my third and final boy! I am already looking forward to getting my body back. I breastfed both my boys . The first for 9 months and the second for 13 months. I had so much milk I actually donated it to a milk bank and hope to do it again this time. As most women I think the two things that bother me the most post pregnancy is my tummy and my boobs (or should I say, my lack of breast after breastfeeding.) I'm afraid of never being satisfied with my mommy body. Do you find getting your body back to be as emotional as it is physical? I have a fairly athletic build .....5'6" 140lbs before pregnancy #3. I have come to accept I will never be 110lbsas, but just want everything to be tight and tone again! Especially....the tummy. I WOULD LOVE ANY ADVICE ANYONE CAN GIVE ME.

  7. Lindsay you look so good. I am on week 2 of your 60 day slimdown workouts. I love them, but I find my hardest thing is food...what do you use to keep you from grabbing the snack size candy bar...or 3? haha. I really want to drop my body fat %. I hate my love handles, arm jiggle and underarm back/bra fat!

  8. Lindsay, how do you do the plank runners in download 2 (HIIT Toning)? Mine, I'm sure, are mountain climbers even though I try so hard to keep my butt down. Would Mountain Climbers be just as good? I know you say in the workout, no, but I don't think I can physically do them - plus my knee hits the floor if my butt is down too far... Any suggestions?

  9. Looking awesome as always! I'm so glad that you talked about talking yourself out of your run... I did this a couple days ago and was so bummed out! I got so down on myself that it threw me into the "I ruined it, so I'm had" mindset! which made me take off more unscheduled days... Making it EVEN harder to get motivated... ahhh! I did get some toning in yesterday, today is HIIT but I don't wanna... hahaha. Need to just get my lil butt in gear and go for it!

    Don't be too hard on yourself, you did do your toning!! And you even ran some :) you look fantastic!

    big hugs!

  10. I did not know hormones changes caused the saggy boobs! Chalk one more thing up to HORMONES!

    I love that we all have "those days". Just getting back on track can do a world of good. We are all going to slack and miss workouts - we're moms!

    Thermage therapy...haven't heard of it. But I do know 2 things - toning/hydration can help because it is from the inside. Creams etc do not penetrate the skin deep enough to help with loose skin. But there are some great tech advances - I think the downside is you have to conutinue doing them to keep the results.

  11. Sillie, I absoluetly feel it is as much emotional as it is physical. But I know when I get myself to the best possible place I think I can be, I feel better all around. So be easy on yourself and challenge yourself to get your best body back. And YES, you can get everything tone and tight again! Sometimes even better in some places!

    Kelly - these are my secrets with food!
    1) schedule my workouts at night - I eat much better when I know I am going to have to burn it off with a night workout.
    2) the 5 minute rule - it's usually just a craving so wait 5 minutes and don't give in.
    3) vanilla carmel tea!
    4) out of sight - out of mind.
    5) hmmm...what else. I ALWAYS eat within my perimeter. No snacks other than my scheduled afternoon snack. I am a "salty" person so I usually go for popcorn, baked potato, side salad, shrimp cocktail. Something that will fill me up.
    6) get your body on track by eliminating junk for 3 days. after that your body won't crave it as much.

    hope that helps!

  12. Oh, I am so thankful for this post this week!! I'm sorry that everyone struggles but it sure does make me feel better!

    Last week was great. Lost another pound. Set some new goals. Got too confident. Went downhill. This week has been tough. I'm at that place of either stepping it up or giving up. Giving up is not an option so I guess I'll keep on keepin' on (even with burgers & birthday cake on the menu this week).

    Thanks, as always, for your honesty! Your moment of weakness motivates me because it lets me know that even the pros have those days!

    Just a side note: I made my husband some snowballs (crumbled Oreos & cream cheese covered in Almond Bark) for his birthday. I told him that mixing the cookies & cream cheese worked my arms harder than Lindsay Brin (what a joke!). He suggested that I quit PN Boot Camp & just make snowballs every day. This is my support system. Sympathy, please? :o)

  13. Did the new portal workout come out? Mine hasn't been updated, and I'm wondering if I did something wrong - or didn't do something right :).

  14. After having 4 Breast Fed babies I hear you loud and clear with the droopingness. I'm so glad you tell it like it is. You look great and motivate me either way. I can't wait to add running 'miles' to my workouts. For now sticking with your lovely S5F Challenge and dreaming of getting into a bikini next summer.

  15. Hi Lindsey , my name is Alexis I had my baby 4 and half months ago and I have lost almost 40 lbs that's more then I gained during pregnancy. I am 120 lbs now lower then my pregnancy weight. I have a history of anorexia and i have been doing great with it until just a few weeks ago. My postpartum depression has made me hate my body after my baby and to workout more then I should. I currently do your postnatal book camp. Please help me to because I fear that If I don't stop loosing I will end up in the hospital with a serious injury.

  16. Alexis, hi! Congratulations on the baby. In my opinion you need to contact your OB immediately. Your comment seems to be beyond my scope of fitness profession.

  17. Tonya! No MORE snowballs... We would miss you too much.

    Workout Portal for those of you who did the subscription will be coming Thurs or Friday this week. And for anyone who has done my workouts...sign up for the newsletter cause we have a free trial of the workout portal coming your way!

    Christy! How is the 60 day?

  18. Lindsay, I own your Core Fitness for Moms and your Postnatal Bootcamp DVDs. I hate my stomach. I want it to look like it did before I was pregnant. I have 2 kids now. I am about to buy the Core Firing Sequence and the Boot Camp 2 DVDs, but I don't know how often I should do these workouts. I am lost. I don't understand about the portal workouts/ downloads, and subscriptions. Can you tell me what I can do? I am happy to announce I am FINALLY motivated to rock a bikini this coming summer, and I want my abs to look like yours. I am back to my prebaby weight- svelte and happy, but I need my belly button to stop looking like a flat tire from my diastasis recti. PLease assist!! PLease!! I am motivated. I just need a plan, and a schedule!

  19. Runnintall, I am so glad you got back to pre-baby weight! And so glad you contacted me about wanting a schedule.

    And I think all you need is a schedule and some rock hard toning! So here is what I want you to do...email Jess at themoms@momsintofitness.com. Ask her to invite you into the Subscribers Workout Portal (it's not quite available yet on our website). In there you will have access to calendars and workouts - and they change every 30 days so your body keeps chnaging too!