The Biggest Reason you should get healthy

A mom sent us a message a few weeks ago and I thought her message was pretty powerful, yet very simple.  She is 43, went through multiple IVFs, has a 7 month old and just experienced a miscarriage.  She wanted to get control back into her life and I am so glad she found MIF!

And why is she dedicating herself to get healthy and try the 30 Day Challenge?  She does not want her body image to affect the things her son and her do.  She wants to do Parent/Tot swimming lessons and she wants to go to the beach with her son.  

Powerful motivation, yet very simple.


  1. I'll be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow with #2. I didn't work out during my first pregnancy and had horrible gestational diabetes. I gained 60 pounds and delivered a 10 lb 7 oz baby boy! After delivery, I had a reallllllllly rough recovery. I literally didn't move (except to roll over/breastfeed) for a month. My husband cared for the baby while he was awake and brought me food and the baby to feed. I couldn't lift him or hold him for more than a minute because I was so weak. This time will be tougher because I'll have a toddler to keep caring for and my husband won't have so much time off work. I want to enjoy those first few weeks with my new baby and be able to hold both of my "babies" in my arms without falling over! I want to keep my weight gain under control and prepare for delivery/the postpartum period by getting in shape during my pregnancy. :) Since I have worked out for the past 3 days, I'm going to consider them the first 3 days of my 30 day challenge! So far I've pushed my son outside in his stroller on Monday, did your first trimester cardio/toning workout on Tuesday, and just finished your 1st trimester yoga today. Thanks for being such an inspiration, Lindsay!

  2. That is wonderful! And congrats! I am so glad you are getting ahead of the game. And for 30 days, just remember even 10 minutes of walking on a day you just can squeeze anything in, will do you well!