My workout schedule

Talk about a Rough Week getting in a workout everyday (30 Day Challenge).  It took all I had to do my yoga workout the other night at 9pm.  The sink was full of dirty dishes, just fought Taylor for 2 hours on going to bed, slept 3 hours the night before that due to Harper's cough and teething.  I mean the list could go on and on!  But you know what the dishes got done the next morning and I slept really, really well after my yoga workout.  And I did NOT break the 30 Day Challenge!

And yes...Taylor ended up in our bed later that night.  And I wonder why I wake up some mornings not feeling rested???  And why my husband thought it was a funny picture...I think I will move her to his side tonight:)  Anyhoo ...

So many of you ask what my workout schedule looks like and I wish I had been logging it like I had my first 2 pregnancies and postpartum.  But we have been so busy with the workout portal, I just haven't had an extra second to do it.  So here is a quick run down of what my week looks like:

Monday: 35-40 minute Superfit Workout (this is a workout from the Workout Portal)

Tuesday:  40 minute Cardio Workout

Wednesday:  I try to go to a class every week or every other week to get outta the house!  Usually Hot Yoga or a training session with 1 of my friends.

Thursday: Rest (although the 30 Day Challenge I have added a 25 minute V02 cardio workout - let me know if you'd like to see it)

Friday:  Either looks like Monday or Wednesday

Saturday:  Rest (although the 30 Day Challenge added in Boot Camp or Postnatal Boot Camp)
Sunday: Rest (added yoga for the 30 Day Challenge)

And I have to say, just 11 days into the 30 Day Challenge and bumping up my cardio workouts to the V02 max I have seen a change in my body and in my endurance (and that silly puppy chow and Christmas chex mix is outta here!)


  1. hey. im so jealous.ive been doing p90x with my husband and brother, but i skip out most of the back/shoulders and arms things.
    i saw more results with your program, but its so much easier to do it with someone else.
    keep pushing off the nighttime workouts bc im WIPED from the morning ones. wish i looked as good as you. well i guess if i had your motivation, i would :)
    going to try next week to get back into some of your dvds. fell in love with yoga, now maybe i can actually complete a 25 minute segment of your yoga/pilates that i couldnt even start 8 months ago.
    how often can you do yoga? and is it good for anything in the pulling in stomach area? thanks for the motivation, and as always, love the touch of real life you have in all :)

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  3. Lindsay, it is so encouraging to see you sticking to the workout schedule, and not making excuses, like i do :) i know, life gets in the the way, and blah, blah, blah... that's what i tell myself. But honestly, i could make a better attempt at working out and sticking to it. Thanks for sharing, it helps to visualize your day, and see that i can do it too, even though there could be a bazillion of things on my to do list. Good job!

  4. Would love to see the Vo2 cardio workout! Thanks for the update on the progress. I'm trying to stick with it. Great job!!

  5. Great job keeping up on the workouts. I'm due with my second baby in a few weeks and haven't worked out much in the last week because I have no energy. In your opinion does the postpartum shapewear/support do any good? I would like to get my stomach pulled back and in my diastasis corrected as quickly as I can, but I don't want to waste my money.

  6. Hi Lindsay.

    I noticed you do Hot Yoga. I have a question regarding doing the practice of hot yoga while pregnant. I am currently 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and going to my class about 2 - 3 times a week. I've been doing hot yoga since June, so I'm not a newbie.

    Is it okay for me to continue doing the yoga? Bikram says it's okay til about 3 months, but I noticed on your videos and blogs that you say pregnant women should avoid hot and humid areas. Any advice would be great!! I have my first doctor's appointment on February 6th and will also ask him at that time.


  7. Yoga...I don't do it as often as I should! But to answer your question, 1x/week. And it's a great component to an exercise routine, but it won't pull the belly muscles in by itself.

    And Jessica, Bikram Hot Yoga, good for you for staying so sonsistent with it!

    You should avoid hot and humid environments but women that workout also regulate their core temperature better during pregnancy. I have never seen the studies behind Bikram's "ok" to do it during pregnancy. So I honestly cannot say whether you should or should not. Although I do see pregnant women in our classes here in STL.

    You should definitely ask your doctor on the 6th! And maybe ask your studio if they have the research so you can take it to your doc.

  8. Leigh Anne - Vo2 Cardio, it's awesome and hard all at the same time!

    30 seconds walk
    30 seconds sprint maximal
    repeat 15x

    2 weeks later do it with 45/45 and then 60/60

  9. The shapewear can help you with comfort, but it can harm your muscle balance. If there is something supporting your muscles your muscles cannot do the proper work to regain their integrity. So with the diastasis I do not recommend it unless you wear it during the day for comfort.