Working out with my Mom

So my mom is the reason I got into filming Fitness DVDs.  I grew up watching her teach aerobics and doing Denise Austin.  So I always wanted to be my mom/Denise Austin!

The other day my mom said she just couldn't get into a workout routine because she and my dad travel so much.  After I got over laughing at her comment, must be hard to travel for fun, I asked her if she planned on not traveling.  She said no.  Then I reminded her that this has been the case for the last 5 years.  And she needed to make a plan.  So we whipped up a workout she can do at the lake, a workout for the road and a workout for home.  She has to workout 4x/week - that's my rule!

No matter what your road block may be for your exercise routine, you have to adjust.  Make it convenient and make it fit in your lifestyle.

And let me know if there is a workout plan you need!  Maybe for the park by your house, the 1 mile perimeter around your subdivision or your son's soccer park.  Some of my favorite workouts are done when we are at the lake in the summer and I use the stairs at the condo and the parking lot lines (while mom and dad play with the kids).


  1. I'm having foot surgery in a week and would LOVE LOVE a workout that accommodates lower body injuries. I'm going to hate not working out for 2 months!

  2. I would love a workout for running/walking/jogging around my subdivision without the tuck jumps/squats/etc. as I would be embarassed to do those in front of someones house in the middle of my run (ex audio cues of when to run, sprint, walk, jog and that's it). At least I think what's avail now is with the extras right? Trying to get my mom into a routine as well, she pulls out all the excuses and binges at night she says and can't control it. Any advice on that? She says she needs 24 hour availability for coaching, is that something you offer?

  3. I actually just had foot surgery on Friday. I'm doing core work and free weights, but would really appreciate a more structured work out for the next 4-6 weeks. Thanks!

  4. Just bought a watch that times intervals and would love a list of 10-15 exercises that I could do for 1 minute intervals without equipment that would hit most muscles /cardio. There are times the kids are occupied and I could pull it off, but if I get out weights they'd be too interested. The harder workout the better!

  5. I was thinking about asking if you would make a stroller video/ audio. Something that I can listen to and go for a walk/jog with strength training.

  6. Jennifer and Sarah, that is no fun!

    I will get to writing some workouts up for you all, and maybe a stroller video/audio!

  7. My husband trucks over the road, and I go with him most of the time. Could you write a workout that would work for driving all day (with breaks of course)? I mean, there's got to be SOMETHING you can do while sitting on your butt all day?

  8. How about a workout that can be done with a colicky three month old strapped into a MOBY :(

  9. Love your new pic with all three kids Lindsay!

  10. I just noticed your new picture as well...very cute. I would love an audio workout to do when I jog/walk while I'm alone and with my soon to be double-wide stroller. Yikes!

  11. Hello Lindsay,

    Speaking about workouts, I wanted to tell you that I have recently started working out to two of your DVDS (Core Fitness & Boot Camp 2)and I must say that they are a real challenge. I have one question that I have been pondering forever about and I would APPRECIATE if you could answer and clarify this problem for me. I had my baby girl 19
    months ago and while I am back at my pre-baby weight, my stomach is not. It looks bloated and flabby. (Im only 5'2 with a thin frame so the stomach is really noticeable)Since I am not looking to really lose any weight (no more than 5lbs)I am not sure how and what exercises to do for how long in order to tighten my stomach. I am also in the mindset that my flab will probably forever remain because I didn't work on it sooner. I hope that there is still HOPE for me. I just really want to know how many days a week do I need to workout and how much time should I devote to cardio and ab exercise per each workout?? It's something that I forever wanted to know the answer to. I want my abs to look like yours do in your videos. You are an inspiration to all the moms out there!!!

    Thank you for what you do.

  12. MiMi Mar- not to chime in before Lindsay, but for me, her CFS Method was the real ticket to a flat stomach again! That got the muscles right back where they needed to be.

    Lindsay- I could really use some indoor cardio workouts to keep it mixed up on cardio days! I love the audio cue workouts on the portal when it's warmer, but it tends to rain ALL winter long down here in GA. Plus, I have to fit my workout in starting around 5:45/6:15am, and it is pitch black in my neighborhood (with no sidewalks). So, outside is sort of a bust this time of year. I'm on the portal, so I have Boot Camp 2, Ultimate Cardio, and the 15 minute in/outdoor bootcamp. Anything in the 40 minute range you could suggest?

  13. Hey Huckaby Fam,

    What does CFS exactly stand for?? Is it Core Fitness Strength Method? What Exactly did you do???


  14. CFS= Core Firing Sequence (I think!). Basically, the premise is that it teaches you to activate the muscles in your core in the correct sequence (pelvic floor first, then transverse abdomenus or inner core, then outer muscles of the core) so that your muscles pull inward and suck you in (sort of like a corset, but you can breathe, ha ha ha).

    There are three different workouts: Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three. You are meant to start at Phase One, then work up from there. Each workout is about 7-8 minutes long, so totally do-able!

    I spent about 4 weeks with Phase One, 6 with Phase Two, and then moved on to Phase Three (doing the workout 2-3x per week). I let myself get really comfortable and strong with each phase before moving on. Even now, I continue to do this 2x per week.

    I am sure Lindsay will give you more info. I am just such a fan of this method - - I have 3 kiddos, and with baby #3, I had diastisis recti (fancy term to say my abdominal wall split- not harmful, and pretty common especially with subsequent pregnancies). I am proud to say I now have flat, strong abs- no mommy pooch! Hope that helps!

  15. Huckaby, I couldn't have said it better! Thank you!

    And yes Mimi there is still hope!!!! Try the CFS Method (you can get the download for $9.99). Do it on Days 1, 3 & 5 in addition to either BC2 or Core Fitness. On days 2 & 4 do the Cardio Only workouts on BC2.

  16. Melissa, binges at night are so common! And most of the time getting rid of them is the answer to weight loss. But its so easy - the day is done and we want a reward! So have your mom reward herself with something different: hot tea, a hot bath, a workout at night...anything to get her mind off of it! Sometimes I throw in my teeth bleach trays at night:)

  17. Huckaby, here is a workout for you! I am posting this with another request next week.

    As for a Cardio Workout that you can do inside, here is an idea. Do 3 Rounds - Increase the numbers by 10 each Round (except for the sprints or stairs, increase those by 2):

    Do 50 of Each (Beginners start with 30):
    1) High Knees - run in place getting the knees as high as you can
    2) Booty Kickers - run in place kicking the booty
    3) Single Knee Jumps - kinds like the old school aerobics, jump in place and bring a knee up, switch
    4) Jumping Jacks - just like gym class
    5) Right Leg Kicks - kick right leg forward, bend the knee on the way up and the way down
    6) Left Leg Kicks - kick left leg forward, bend the knee on the way up and the way down
    7) Cross Punches - arms in guard, alternate punches across the body
    8) Shuffle feet and every 5th or 10th do a tuck jump - football shuffle to tuck jump
    9) Speed Skaters - jump from side to side shifting your weight to 1 leg
    10) Sprints or Stairs 12 x

    I am so doing this Cardio Workout tonight myself!

  18. Aslaug - take the cardio workout in my above comment. I am also posting another interval workout next week.

    We also have all of our DVDs on downloads if you want to put them on yoru smart phone!

  19. Lindsay and Huckaby,

    Thank you for for the great advice. I will DEFF get the CFS DVD and get to working on that ASAP.
    Huckaby, I appreciate your response to my posts and your story gives me hope. If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you to tighten you stomach? 3 months or so?? Also, did you have a stomach pooch that you thought would never go away? lol Did you watch your diet?


  20. Hey again Mimi Mar!

    I was someone who just couldn't seem to get a tight stomach while nursing. That said, I chose to nurse DS1 for 14 months, DS2 for 12 months (until he gave it up), and DS3 until 13 months. For whatever reason, I just held onto an extra 5 or so pounds and was just a lot "smooshier" all over while nursing. During this time, my stomach was just - - soft. Think muffin top! And, I am not someone who typically carries weight in the stomach. Keep in mind, I was eating right and exercising during this time period. It just didn't seem to get me all the way back to where I wanted to be. And, yes, each time, I always thought I would never have a strong, flat stomach again.

    It took me 3-6 months AFTER weaning to get everything back into shape - -tightened back up and where I wanted it to be. The funny thing is, though, I would drop those 5 "nursing" pounds within a month. It was the muscles that took a while to just tighten back up for me. So, all that said, it was close to my kiddos' 18 month mark before I really felt like I had my body (and some normal hormones) back.

    I credit the CFS method with getting a flat stomach after having babies. If you think about it, pregnancy really stretches everything out! If you don't pull it all back in from the inside, it isn't ever going to recover. The interesting thing too is that because my core is now strong again, I don't deal with the low back pain that I did during pregnancy and postpartum. Not only has it made an aesthetic difference, it has made a difference in how I feel.

    Timing is different for everyone. I would give it at least 12 weeks of consistently working your plan to determine if it's making a difference. Take your measurements now, and then compare every 4 weeks or so. I bet you will be encouraged!

  21. Hey Huckaby,

    Thanks for the response. It's funny you said that because I nursed my baby girl for 14 months and I also held onto a little extra weight that didn't come off until after i stopped nursing her. To be honest, I did workout on and off for a couple of months before and after nursing but it wasn't consistent and it hardly made a difference. It's nice to be able to talk to someone else who has gone through the same insecurities and relate to them. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I really feel encouraged after what you and Lindsay have said. I'm going to stick to a five day workout regimen (I think this is good enough).
    I'm glad that I have found Lindsay's workout DVD and I can't wait to get started. Once again thanks for all your advice and for sharing your story.

  22. I am training for a marathon...I would LOVE a audio workout that I could do when I go on my shorter runs that incorporates some strength without weights :)


  23. I am taking notes! And promise to get some new workouts written up for you all soon!