Husband : Wife

Yep, it's another edition of Husband : Wife, 6:15am-8:45am
My morning
up at 6:15 with the baby
brushed my teeth and pottied with baby
made homemade waffles
3 diaper changes
3 outfits for the day
3 shoe changes involving a few cries when we could not find the blue croc
swim bag packed
snacks/bottles packed
fight about who sits in the car seat by the window
sweating cause it was so darn hot spending 10 minutes gettings 3 kids into the car
oh wait, my hot tea is no longer hot since i made it at 6:30
oh, and, i have yet to get out of my jammies
car is on so i quickly change into my swimsuit (no makeup, no nothing, maybe some body mist)
while changing into my swimsuit i see the hubby is getting reday to leave for work...
His morning
wake up to an alarm
potty by himself
shower by himself
made breakfast just for himself
kissed the kids and i good-bye
I tell ya, I would just like his morning 2x/month.  That's it!  Although I have to admit he totally took care of me after our pregnancy filming...I got to sleep in after my 12 hour filming day!


  1. Haha, totally hear ya on this one!

  2. Sounds like my mornings except my husband gets to take showers by himself every morning and I go days without one....

  3. Or you could look at it like this- sometimes perspective can change everything

    - woke to an adorable and smiley face
    -chatted with my sweet girl while getting ready for the day
    -helped three little ones learn to put shoes on and showed them their mommy loves them
    - nourished hearts and bellies while talking with my three best friends in the making
    - realized I'm a rockstar that I can get three little ones ready for a long swim day and in the car fed and cared for by myself!
    -get to spend the day with my favorite people at the pool
    -woke to a blaring alarm and no smiling faces
    -got ready alone
    -had to make his own breakfast
    - got a few smooches in before having to leave his favorite people for the whole day.

  4. nope nope that's too positive of an outlook to have all of the time! being best friends with people under the age of 5 is too exhausting to have that kind of attitude, but I applaud you for thinking that way.

  5. That is a breath of fresh air! I will pat myself on the back if I can do that 60-70% of the time!

  6. Hi Lindsay,
    I am so depressed, confused, angry and pregnant with my 4th baby. We just found out yesterday. I have 2 boys (3 &2) and a 9th month old baby girl.
    I so desperately need your advice. I have diastasis recti (about 2 1/2 inches wide) and for the life of me I do not know how to make it "disappear". I did some exercises but no progress. I have very loose and stretchy belly and it will get worse, I know:(
    I would like to buy your DVD but I have no idea which one I should get. Let's see, I have diastasis,loose skin on my lower belly and of course, I am pregnant for the 4th time in 4 years. I am 5 feet tall and weighing at 97 pounds.
    Could you please please please advice? I really appreciate it.


  7. a couple of questions:
    1. I am a nursing mom. What are some proteins you would suggest that aren't meats?
    2. I am "woman with a sweet tooth" from before. Is it ok to have 1 or 2 higher calorie treats if I only have them on the weekend? like 500-700? Or should I just eat a little treat each day?

  8. btw I mean 500-700 calories. ha, I must have some left over pregnant brain!

  9. Ahh! I have been on and off stalking your blog for a few years now after purchasing your dvd from Target, and am so glad I came back, I have three children also (4,2 and 8 months), and a husband that gets to do everything by himself. I learned to ask when I need help, and ignore the huffing, I have become a lot better at multitaskmasteranddeligater ;). Eventually the men catch on and start to do things on their own. ;)
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG btw, and I'm hoping to get myself back to being fit and pre-pregnancy weight. I'm 139.5 pounds, from 170 at the end of my nine months with the baby, my goal is 126. Thankyou so much for doing this and the motivation!!!!! Boy did I ever need it.

  10. Also, thankyou for being "real". I find this a breath of fresh air after cleaning up my kiddo's poopy diaper off the floor for the billionth time this week (my two yearold has taken to whipping off his poopy diapers and running around the house). It's good for me (and I'm sure other moms) to realize we're not alone in our daily blessings (struggles!). Obviously we love our children, obviously we try to stay generally positive, but living with little ones can be pretty intense at times; sometimes you just need some reassurance, a bit of a vent, and you move on.

  11. Thanks for your post Johanna! I love your post, it took me years to learn to ask for help. I mean, why don't they realize we need help when we are carrying 2 kids, braless, in pj's, preparing breakfast???

  12. Nursing mom, hi! Not sure if you are a type of vegetarian or just a general question. So I will give a general answer...nuts, eggs, peanut butter, cottage cheese, cheese and dairy have lots of the same nutrients as proteins.

    And question #2, that's a good one. You will ahve to see how your body handles it. But I would recommend a little each day:)

  13. Oh I'm not a vegetarian! I love me some MEAT!!! I just wanted to have some other alternatives. And like everybody else says, I am totally obsessed with your blog. I feel like we're kindred spirits when I hear you talk about huffing husbands and crazy kids! Sometimes it's easy to go to that "dark place" that so many women have when kids and the mommy thing aren't working so smoothly. Can't wait to hear more.

  14. HELP! I have a diastasis now about 2.5 fingers wide with an umbilical hernia. I weigh 120, skinny and fit... my stomach is very flat but I still want to close the diastasis. I do contractions all the time and use the towel/crunch method but I seem to get NO WHERE. Its like a brick wall... the abs just will not get any closer. I really want to completely close my diastasis. Julie Tupler told me personally that I could heal my hernia myself if this was accomplished. Please tell me what you recommend at this point.

  15. oh and p.s.... i continued my cardio and weight training throughout the transverse exercises which i am officially STOPPING today. I think lifting and squatting heavy may have caused the delay ... but I did always try to hold the transverse in... aggh I am stopping anyway to see what happens.

  16. Since my daughter is 16 months old and I had a minor diastasis prior to her pregnancy.... Is it true that my diastasis is least likely to completely close?? I notice you don't like to speak about specifics with diastasis on this blog... But I read somewhere else that if I had questions to go to your blog..... Hope you can address all my concerns here and above. I want to start using your dvd... Not sure which one to start with....

  17. Jamaica, I am so glad you asked. I also have an umbilical hernia, very minor. As long as yours is minor you should have no problem with it, and it should not get in the way of closing the DR. I think you posted somewhere else on the blog that you did sign up for the free trial. The Diastasis Specific workout should be on the link at the bottom of the page. I think I explain exactly where the link is in the intro video.

    And the transverse, yes, it's tough to remember and to make holding it in a habit! But in a few months it should become second nature.

  18. So you never got the umbilical hernia surgery..... Your ab muscles are just covering the hole?? Is it ever still visible to you? So anyone can close their gap assuming they are strict with their routine? Why do surgeons say it's not possible.... Frustrating

  19. Jamaica, it really depends on the size if the hernia. Mine is small and you can see it directly above my belly button, but its small and did not need surgery. If you have seen a surgeon and they said you need surgery they would know better than I since they have seen you individually. Hernias don't "heal" without surgery, but the Diastasis can heal. That said the Diastasis can only heal if the hernia is not in the way. Make sense? It's kinda confusing. If you wnat you can email jess the and she can get any further questions to me.