Do I workout everyday?

So our Research & Development team for the Pretty Fierce workouts asked me about my routine, and I thought I would share. YES, I totally fluctuate a few pounds. Actually just this week I kicked it into high gear...I weigh myself and use the same jeans as "standard" every few weeks. Let's just say the jeans were tight on the thighs and I did not like the scale this morning! I followed the Fierce workouts the beginning of summer and then kinda hit the pool snack bar and slowed down my workouts:)

For about 4 months I am regimented, working out 5x/week sometimes alternating with 6x/week and watching what I eat.  I say 4 months because for the last 4 years it's been getting my body back after pregnancy by about 5-6 months postpartum.  And trust me half of those days I am fighting myself to workout, especially postpartum tiredness!  Back in college trying to get off 40 lbs it took me a good year, the first 6 months being regimented in my workouts.  When I workout I make it count...if I am spending the time doing it I do it right with workouts like the Pretty Fierce Muscles Splits and Hybrids.  And I love nothing more than a 20 minute workout, although most of my workouts average 40 minutes.  

When I am not trying to get my body back (going for MAINTENANCE) I usually workout 4x/week, sometimes 3 when craziness is at it's peak.  One really long workout followed by 3 shorter workouts.  I am active most days like walking to the park, jogging around the soccer games or doing some yoga before bed.  2-3 of my workouts focus on toning while the other workout is a run of some sort (V02 max, HIIT etc.).

And when I say watching what I eat, I do not count calories, I do not let it consume my day whatsoever.  Most of the time we eat the same things (on Crock Pot rotation!) and I know what works for me.  I found what worked for me after watching my calorie intake for several weeks when I began my weight loss journey in 2001.  I really haven't done it since, except teetering that fine line with Breastfeeding!  A majority of the time it's things like not eating after dinner and only allowing Mexican food 1x/week (my arch nemesis).  I know I do this for a living so it's easy for me to know more about nutrition.  But if you monitor yourself for a few weeks and teach yourself good portions, you do not have to be a slave to calories!  The biggest lesson I learned was eating inside my food outside of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

On that note, I have not had metabolic testing in 10 years.  I look forward to seeing my new numbers, as I feel I eat more/burn more than I did on my twenties.


  1. I have found the same to be true for me. Stay within the perimeter! I tend to eat the same types of food at the same time every day, which also helps. Thanks so much for being so open about your routine!

  2. I like the idea of the perimeter. I hadn't thought about it that way before, but it makes sense.

    Interesting that you do more toning than cardio. Maybe I will try that. I am 3 months postpartum and I definitely need to tone up the thighs and core!

  3. I really appreciate your views by a good diet regime a toned body can be maintained after delivery >i wish you best luck for your next writeups

  4. I find that the best way to keep with it is to keep a food log and a fitness diary. It sounds to me like you are very determined and it shows in your journey!