Time Machine: LB 40+ lbs

Since I was in Time Machine Mode the other day thinking back to when things seemed simpler at the age of 26.  I thought I would share some old pics of me 40+ lbs heavier at age 22.  I have mentioned it here on the Blog before, but I spent a few months nailing down what was a normal serving and what I thought was a normal serving.  Then kicked it into high gear with the toning, which was hard to get out of the mentality of the 1990s and cardio, cardio, cardio!


  1. super encouraging to be reminded that we can change and improve!! :)

  2. You still have that beautiful angelic smile. Inherited from your mum I guess. I too have changed over the last 42 years. Please can't recognize the skinny fit me. Your boot camp DVDs are really working. Wore my bikini with pride on my beach holiday. Big fan from Melbourne Australia

  3. I can't find a way to email you, so I hope you could reply to this.

    I just started doing your bootcamp2 DVD and I also got the CFS DVD, but I can't figure out how to use them together. I think I'm figuring out the boot camp one, do you alternate days of just cardio, then days of cardio and toning plus core? Or do you do core everyday and alternate cardio and toning?

    When do I do CFS? Everyday? Or is it pretty much the same stuff as the core exercises in the boot camp DVD? Would the core be the same thing as ab exercises or is it different? Sorry for all the questions :)

    Ready to not look pregnant anymore. I've lost most of my baby weight but still have a pooch.

  4. Crystal, hi! I can see why you don't know what to do, there are a lot of workouts! If you ordered it on mif.com the calendar should be in your account. If not there should have been a flyer with these urls to grab it from momsintofitness.com/postnatal1 (for beginner) and momsintofitness.com/postnatal2 (for advanced). Hope that helps!

    You can always email Jess at the moms@momsintofitness.com if you need anything else.