How do you measure your body for Weight Loss?

So how do you measure yourself for Weight Loss?  Click to learn more about How to measure yourself, or just watch the clip above!


  1. Thanks for this! I've gotten out of the habit of measuring so this is a good reminder/kick start. I always enjoy when you post!

  2. Lindsay, this is kind of my last little plea to see if there is any nugget of wisdom left that might help me. I am two years post partum from the last baby I had (probably not done, but that is another story). I am a very self-motivated person, work out five to six days a week consistently, and have a pretty good grasp on my nutrition. I have emailed your dietician a couple of times with my food journal, and short of starvation (of course it isn't an option ;) and perfection (everyone has a weak moment here or there) she has said my nutrition is in check. My frustration comes from the fact that before baby number two I weighed 140 (I am 5'9") and since having her I cannot budge below 143 and I am more regularly at 145. I eat a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, exercise harder, and am all over more fit, but curious that after two years of using several different eating and fitness strategies I cannot get those pounds to come off! Am I missing something?

    1. Email me at - send your food journal with a weekly exercise journal (what exercise you are doing, intensity, calorie burn if you have it). Any medical or health history that relates.

      Lets see if we can figure you out! You could be overtraining.

  3. I always thought that what i'm measuring is a perfect after watching the video i got the good idea. Thanks for sharing the video.