The Day after Thanksgiving - I give you permission to indulge

You indulged.  We all indulged.   And you know what -- it is totally ok to indulge!!  1 day is not going to throw off your weight (scientific fact 3,500 calories = 1 lb).   Maybe you ate 3,500+ calories yesterday (and burned about 1,500 by just being alive) and are feeling quite swollen.  But let's get you back on track before 1 day of indulging turns into the month of December.  You may need to follow the 3 Day Sugar Cleanse in Step 5, keep reading.

Step 1 -- Maybe the most important step. Put on your workout clothes. Make the decision to workout. Even if it is only for 15 minutes!

Step 2 -- Do a HIIT workout. High Intensity Interval Training. The kids are home and there is minimal time. Unmotivated? Refer to Step 1.  

I posted my favorite HIIT workout on -- do each exercise for 1 minute, repeat 4x
Step 3 -- Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! If you are like me you woke up a little swollen from all the salt intake yesterday. Get your systems back in order and help flush fat with water. Shoot for 8 cups, 10 cups if you followed Step 2, 12 cups if you are breastfeeding.

Step 4 -- Be prepared for the Holiday Season.  Not in terms of the 66 tasks on your list, but daily nutrition and exercise.  Commit to working out 4x/week.  Prepare healthy snacks ahead of time - they are just as easy to reach for as the red and green Hershey kisses or Gran's Puppy Chow.  I tend to "fall off the bandwagon" around 4:00.  I am usually bussing kids around and hungry.  But if I am able to pull some clean fruit or string cheese out of the fridge or have some packed foods in the car (like health bars) I will less likely gorge myself in Gran's Puppy Chow (most days anyway;)

Step 5 -- Do not pull your usual stunt...I will start my diet tomorrow.  Enjoy some Holiday treats but do not go overboard.  If you feel yourself falling fast into the Holiday sweets, do a quick All Natural 3 Day Sugar Cleanse, it will reset your Hunger Cycle.

Here is what the hunger cycle looks like. You wake up in the morning feeling hungry but because you have to rush kids out the door and don’t have time to cook, you grab a sugary granola bar or down a quick bowl of sugary cereal. This makes you full in the moment, and meets your calorie needs but 2 hours later you are hungry. Why? When refined carbohydrates, or sugar, are digested the yare converted to glucose and quickly hit the blood stream giving you an immediate spike in blood sugar (or blood glucose) which boosts energy. Your body then releases insulin to move the glucose into cells to it can do its job. However what is not immediately used is then stored in the body. This all happens pretty quickly, sometimes within a 2 hour time period, leaving you feeling hungry. When we get hungry it is one way our body cries out for energy and because our bodies are efficient it craves the most readily available source of energy... sugar. Here is where the cycle begins again. 

Yeah, yeah, I have been MIA for the last 6 months.  It started with taking off the summer - something I had been promising myself since my 6 year old was in the baby bjorn at 2 weeks old and I was making final edits to my first book.  Standing to write most of the book because it was the only thing that soothes a 2 week old (how do they know you are not sitting?  never figured that out).  So I spent the summer with my kids and put the computer aside!

Then we moved into the house we have been saving, designing and building for the last 4 years.  Not realizing what it is like to move 3 kids and 3 kids stuff - holy tamales.  I am glad it is our forever house!  6 strep throats, 2 stomach flu's, a babysitter that needed to concentrate on her Master's and not my little ones, the start of 1st grade, Halloween, my 10 year anniversary to my husband and a closet that is finally put together...well that brings me up to speed in November.

My new favorite things are: my 6 year old can read to me and it's amazing, the new 18 quart Crock Pot that fits a turkey, Kids Gap constant online sales, my organized closet, my 3 year old that will now eat a vegetable (so it's only green beans but it's start), the early Christmas trampoline the grandparents got for the kids that tires them out--it works in my favor too,  my 4 year old that loves to give hugs, my 6 year old that will go to bed 2/7 nights without a fight, my mom that loves scrapbooking (since I am still on Rylan's birth, he is 4), still love my minivan, snow and everything that has to do with kids playing in the snow, oven baked tacos I found on Pinterest, there are too many to list.  But that's me and the last 6 months and all the love and laughter and stress.

That said - Moms Into Fitness has some pretty exciting news.  Coming this January!!!


  1. I'm so happy you're back, but happy you were able to take some time off for yourself and family! Thank you for this awesome post! I'm definitely going to take your advice.

  2. I'm so glad you're back!! its encouraging for me to hear that you're human too!! :) you fall off the wagon, have busy kids, and pull stunts like "starting dieting tomorrow". to know you have the same struggles keeps me going!! and I love the tips you have for us to help keep on track. glad you had a great summer, thanks for your programs, posts and your encouragement!!

  3. Can't wait to hear your exciting news!! We've missed you!!

  4. Whew, that's certainly a long list of accomplishments! Glad you're back, although you weren't absent from our home. LOL You whipped my rear into shape for my first half marathon and continue to whip my rear with the Lean Out 10k hybrid plan :D Ditto on the exciting news!

  5. Looking forward to your news! We all need some time away and your family needs you! I am about to start the process of IVF again for #2 and love coming back to your blog to read your tips and look at your journey. You helped me get back to myself after having my son!

  6. Happy you are back! Glad you had time away to spend with your family. I would love to know where you bought your workout outfit from?

  7. I'm glad your back Lindsay..excited for January news..hoping it's Pretty Fierce Sport & Movement :)

  8. Good timing Lindsay! Just had Baby 4 and diastasis recti has reared its ugly head. Looking forward to using your resources to get back to business.

  9. Not sure if you (lindsey) even read these comments, but I cannot get started! I have had your dvds for almost 2 years and can't seem to do them. I am not greatly over weight, but I have not workout in over 10 years. I am scared and nervous to even much play. I have no muscle anymore. Just flab and loose skin from 3 babies in 4 years I don't see how I can ever have tight abs again. how long will it take to start to see results?