Diet Tips & the Top 10 Diet Mistakes Moms Make

Top 10 Diet Mistakes Moms Make

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1.     You throw in the towel after 3 days of dieting.  The first 3 days are the hardest!  You need to give your body time to deplete some fat storage and stop the cravings.  The best way to do this is—eliminate all added sugars for the next 3 days, these are refined carbohydrates like sugary cereal, candy, junk food, and starchy foods like white rice.  By eliminating all added sugars from your diet for 3 days you are giving the body time to deplete some glucose stores while also breaking the hunger cycle. The cravings will stop after 3 days and you will be motivated to continue!  
Download the pdf -- How To Do the 3 Day Hunger Reset.

2.     You have the kids ready to go, but forget about you!  It’s 6am and the kid’s lunches and snacks are ready for school, but you do not prepare your own.  So then you reach for the most convenient item to satisfy your hunger.  Prepare ahead of time so you have something healthy and convenient!  Portion out your snacks and even your lunch so they are right there when the time comes.

3.     BLT’s.  I am talking about the Bites, the Licks and the Tastes.  You take your kids for a walk in the stroller – your grab a handful of Goldfish to keep them happy – you pop a handful in your mouth.  You are clearing the dishes – your daughter didn’t eat all of her spaghetti – you take the last 4 bites.  Those Hershey kisses in the candy dish – you tackle your sweet tooth after lunch.  Don’t do it!  It adds up easily and can take 30-60 minutes of exercise to work that off.  Eat within your perimeter and no bites, licks and tastes in between your meals and snack time.

4.     You go to the Store with the Kids.  You know that bakery cookie the kids get for free at the store only last for 10 minutes!  Then you spend the remaining 45 minutes rushing through so you don’t have to battle the kids sitting in the grocery cart and/or not throwing in every bag of chips they want.  Go at it alone, even if it means you get up early one day of the week or spend your babysitting time going to the store.  You can take the time to educate yourself and you will come home with less temptations.

5.     You commit to the Workout but you don’t commit to the Nutrition.  It’s day 7 of your new workout routine and it is going well.  But the scale isn’t budging.  Ugh.  99% of the time the nutrition part is the hardest part to change when committing to a new routine.  But do it – you will get there twice as fast!  And it usually is the main reason the scale isn’t moving in the direction you would like to see!  The easiest way to do this?  Eat 20% less.  Done.

6.     You eat the right foods.  But you eat too much of them.  There are so many options out there, which is the “right” food?  Most of the time you know which is the right or better food.  Pick the apple over the cookie.  Pick the grilled chicken over the fried.  But is that enough?  You really do need to know just how many calories you are consuming.  So for 7 days food journal, that’s it and you won’t really need to do it again.  And the good news – there are plenty of apps out there to help you with this!  
>>>>>Try My Fitness Pal or the Moms Into Fitness App....we will calculate how much you should eat to lose weight!

7.     You don’t drink enough water.  I know you all have heard this before so I am not going to harp on it.  Drink water.  Don’t drink too much soda.  It helps flush fat and is one of the number one aids in weight loss!  If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you need more – According to the Institute of Medicine you need 13 cups a day for Breastfeeding (16 cups total but 20% of water comes from foods), 10 cups if you are pregnant and 9 cups if you are female.

8.     You forgot to turn off the Pregnancy or Breastfeeding Radar.  Studies show that moms that don’t lose the weight in between having kids on average keep 10 pounds per baby.  So 3 babies = 30 extra lbs.  Turn off the pregnancy eating and get back to you in between having kids.  And if you are like me – 3 kids in 3 years – you might have to modify that plan a bit!

9.     You crash and burn at 9pm.  Ahhhhh the kids are in bed, the dishes are done (maybe), the homework is behind you, you have some emails to catch up on.  And maybe you never ate dinner.  Do not let this time be when you fall off the bandwagon!  Find some good After Dinner Treats, and ones without too many calories.  Your best bets are:  homemade hot chocolate, hot tea, lowfat chocolate milk, a hot bath, something other than the sleeve of Girl Scout Cookies or Chips and Salsa!

10. You have no plan.  Or you had not time!  Either way it can be a recipe for diasaster.  Convenience trumps all, right?  Plan ahead so your convenient meals are not always fast food.  And your convenient snacks are not always pretzels, chips or a granola bar.  Choose the better foods, which might not always be the best foods.  Funny how some things come about …I mentioned on Facebook that I only cook once a week for 2.5-3 hours and all the moms wanted to know my secret.  There was no magic to it - just planning ahead.  I

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  1. You are so inspirational! I love your workouts because a) they are a very reasonable length and difficulty and b) you are so upbeat and easy to follow. I've just started following your blog and love how down to earth you are. Looking at you from the outside it's easy to think "oh she hasn't struggled with food a day in her life." But that couldn't be further from the truth! I appreciate how candid you are and am looking forward to more tips and videos to come. Thanks!