Vacation Detox for Moms

Celebrated turning 36 on the beach!

I slipped away for a 7 Day Disney Cruise to San Juan.  Not only was it one of the best family vacations, but I came back feeling like I took a vacation!  Turning 36 on a beach in 90 degrees, can't complain.  My parents even took the kids back to the ship after 6 hours of beach and I relaxed without worrying about a 6, 4 and 3 year old getting in the water (even though the water was freezing it sure doesn't stop the kids!)  Ahhhhhhh.

So you probably don't read my blog to hear me gloat about being on the beach while the February Freeze took the US by storm:)  I am gonna give you some pointers:
1) How to keep the vacation weight gain to a minimum.
2) How to detox after the vacation is over.

Have you ever done that?  Worked hard to to feel and look good on vacation and then tossed out the healthy rules for vacation?  Me too.  And I think it is ok.  Keep reading.

One day everybody will look at the camera!

While thinking of the Vacation Rules I realized I did not want to provide your common "Stay Healthy while on Vacation" type Blog Post.  I wanted to toss out the rules that don't let you completely relax on vacation.  You are a mom, you need vacation.  You need a day without rules.  You need a day without being the family brain.  So while this is not the most scientific - it is a vacation plan any mom can follow and not come back feeling like they ate bricks!

Vacation Rules:
Exercise - not necessarily everyday, but enough to keep the bloating away and keep your energy going.
Skip the Buffet - if you happen to be on a cruise like me this one can be a hard one.  Allow yourself one trip to the buffet.
You can have dessert - heck yeah!  You know those frozen ice cream/yogurt machines with a cone?  For just a few hundred calories you can satisfy your sweet tooth and your kids begging for ice cream.
Hydrate - Water will keep you hydrated in the sun, deplete bloating and help keep you full.
Alcohol - do I promote drinking?  Nah.  But sometimes a beer or a glass of wine (or a few) are your way of winding down and vacationing.  And keep in mind those fancy frozen drinks are about 500 calories a pop!
Keep the BLT's to a minimum - that's Bites, Licks and Tastes.  Eating Twizzlers on the beach? Sampling the leftover mac and cheese on your kids plate?  Grabbing some Goldfish while you toss some to the kids?  Following lunch with a few harmless Hershey Kisses?   I hate to say it, but these add up to an easy 300 calories, which is equal to about a 20-30 minute workout.  DON'T DO IT!  Stick to breakfast, fruit for a snack, lunch, fruit for a snack and dinner.   
Get back on Track - did you indulge heavily one day?  Or give into every craving?  Ok, it's in the past.  Get back on track with good breakfast - fruit and oatmeal or fruit and yogurt.  And be a little more cautious at lunch and dinner. 

Vacation Detox:
For me I came back from vacation bloated and hungry every 2 hours.  So I did the 3 Day Hunger Reset - 2 days after I got back cause I just wasn't ready to commit:)  Day 1 was hard!  Day 2 I started to notice my cravings were going away.  And Day 3 I felt like I could put myself on the scale without being mad at myself.  And Day 4/5 I felt like me again!

Follow the 3 Day Hunger Reset!  It's not about a crash diet or extreme detox, it's literally the most natural way to reset your Hunger Cycle.

Think of it this way.  You eat (and drink) more often on a vacation.  Your body gets used to this new habit.  Your body expects this to keep happening.  So we need to get your body out of this habit.

All the details are here.  It's about getting rid of refined carbohydrates for 3 days, letting your body deplete some glucose storage, and resetting your hunger cycle.

Pair the Vacation Detox with a 10 Day Workout Challenge and your body will be back on track in no time!  Nip it in the bud, before your vacation habits become permanent habits.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful family vacation :) Thank you for all the great tips !!