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Went through 4 IVFS to get my first two
Then God decided we needed to add to our crew
Vanishing twin, 30 fertility lbs and a miscarriage
Made sure my hubby and me had a good marriage

Five A.M. workouts are something I hate,
But after I’m done, I feel pretty great.
I greet my children with a smile
Instead of “is it already 6am?” denial

I’m a mother of three, all under five.
There are days when I think I may not survive.
Lately most mornings there is an extra body in my bed
At breakfast I do 10k steps to make sure everybody is fed

Then breakfast for kids ends up on the floor.
I sweep it all up and head out the door
For play dates, school, and swimming fun, too.
Yet once we are done, I’m pretty much through.

Thank goodness for naptime, though not for me;
I must fold clothes and clean up after three.
And work, I enjoy being a Work at Home Mom
Although some days I prefer an office that’s calm!

Next  soccer and cheer—all at the same time
I wonder how I found time to make this silly rhyme!
And here we go to get Fast food
Permission for Once or twice a week is my attitude

After practice we crash and go to bed.
We didn’t read, or wash; we slept instead.
I’m not perfect and I don’t have to be;
I just do what I can and love my three.

As long as my kids know I love them the best
That knowledge makes up for all of the rest.

Being the best mom you can be
Is for nobody to judge over afternoon tea
Its me as my own good mom judge
But if you want to add fitness & health I can give you a nudge

As moms our to do lists are at least 20 tall
That Bible Study and Parenting class we always stall

But – in regards to fitness & diet – I hope to make it easy for all!

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