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Postnatal SlimDown Workout Video: Week 1
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Postnatal SlimDown Cardio Workout - don't know when to do this workout? Get the calendar at www.momsintofitness.com/post-slim

Postnatal SlimDown Workout Video: Week 2

You were asked to gain 15-35 lbs. over the course of 9 months.  That is a significant amount of weight to lose.  Women have a much higher blood volume during pregnancy.  And that does not vanish overnight.  Within the first 4-6 weeks your postnatal body is considered “normal” in the fact that all systems are back to normal.  But you are left with loose muscles, extra fat, fluid retention for breastfeeding and sometimes some cellulite that did not reside on your thighs prior to getting pregnant.  

18-20 pounds usually goes within the first 4-6 weeks (based on a 30 pound weight gain).  The 18-20 pounds comes from: baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, blood volume, breast tissue, fat storage urination and the uterus involution.  With all of this in mind, notice how hard your body is working in the first few weeks postpartum, it is a super delicate time for their body!  

...expect your body to be back at it's pre-pregnany weight around 6 months Postpartum.  Anything before that is simply unrealistic.

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