3 Rules to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

Did you know the average weight gain during the holiday season is 2-5 lbs.? Sure it doesn’t sound like much, but 1-2 pounds makes your jeans feel tight. And 5 pounds usually puts you into a new size. Yikes!

Don’t deprive but don’t give into every craving! Have some of your favorite holiday treats (in moderation) But get right back on track. Between now and New Years you will have several days you indulge (notice I did not say overindulge). You stack Christmas on top of Thanksgiving on top of Halloween and top it off with Egg Nog and cookies the week before New Years…let’s just say that equals about 10-15 days of indulging. Be mindful and get back on track. No more marathoning indulgences between now and New Years Day. 

And guess what – there is a plan to get you back on track. It stops the cravings in their tracks, it’s all natural, takes 3 minutes to read, doesn’t include hokey cleanse juices. Just a simple reset that gets you back to “normal”. Check out the 3 Day Hunger Reset

Keep a plan. An exercise plan. You eat better when you exercise! Maybe switch to evening workouts if you tend to overindulge in front of the DVR at 10:00 pm.
If you need an exercise plan make sure you check out my new 30 Day Core program. It’s a total body weight loss plan that concentrates on the mom belly muscles. And it will have you looking svelte by the New Year! 

Don’t go outside your perimeter. You may have heard it before – all those little bites, licks and tastes off your kids plates + mindless Goldfish grabs = too many calories. Instead of eating 5 Cookies while firing off emails and cooking dinner, set a POA. A Plan of Action. Plan your treats. Take time, savor them. 

Develop your POA. Get back on track with the Hunger Reset here. And start 30 Day Core now (if you haven't already). And enjoy the holidays!

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